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Jan 03, 2019

Podcast: New technologies bring retail investors into focus

‘I wrap data around everything’

This episode of the Ticker podcast is brought to you by Broadridge Financial Solutions. 

While retail investors own about a third of US public company stock, few ever bother to vote their shares. But that’s changing. New technologies make small investors more likely to vote – while also making it easier to influence that vote. And with activists managing more than $200 bn in assets, the stakes for effective communication are greater than ever. 

This week’s Ticker podcast guest has almost two decades’ experience in the financial services industry, including acting as master tabulator for more than 10,000 proxy campaigns and working with both issuers and activists on contested elections. Today, Sherri McLoughlin is senior director of data strategy and innovation at Broadridge. She says most retail shareholders can now be reached electronically. But while potentially cost-effective, digital scope can be wasted unless tailored with the right data and analytics.


Jeff Cossette

A graduate of Carleton University's School of Journalism, Jeff Cossette is a freelance writer who lives in Prince Edward Island with Susie