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Dec 14, 2022

Nasdaq double-victory at Corporate Governance Awards

Corporate Secretary speaks with Caroline Boutwell



‘We like to look for innovation within the proxy statement and we like to bring life to our proxy statement because we think that’s important for our shareholders and for other companies that are going to look for a model to emulate,’ said Caroline Boutwell, global head of legal entity management at Nasdaq in an interview with Corporate Secretary. 

‘Each year and all year long, our team works very hard on maintaining a proxy statement that is current, that is innovative, that maintains our values and our structure and that is engaging – we truly try to be captivating.’ 

The company won the best proxy statement award at the Corporate Governance Awards 2022 ceremony. Boutwell herself took home the rising star trophy. 

‘Nasdaq has many subsidiaries, so rationalization is quite a big effort for our legal entity management [team] and in setting up a proper, appropriate structure for M&A,’ she said. ‘Maintaining the governance of these [subsidiary] entities is just as important as the parent company.’

Nasdaq also received three further nominations for best use of technology, best global entity management and governance team of the year (large cap). 

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