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Nov 02, 2020

Governance Matters: Entities are everything – get them handled

In the second episode of the Governance Matters podcast, Jeff Cossette explores why entity management matters and looks at the crucial role of the corporate secretary

High-profile fraud can have a massive impact on public companies, so the pressure is on for transparency across multiple geographies and jurisdictions. It’s a crucial part of the corporate secretary’s role.

Jarrod Simpson, CEO of governance services at Computershare, and Connor Kuratek, chief corporate counsel and assistant corporate secretary at Marsh & McLennan Companies, speak to Corporate Secretary about why entity management matters and outline the influential role corporate secretaries play.



The Governance Matters podcast provides listeners with insight into the cutting-edge issues of the day for corporate secretaries, general counsel and all governance professionals.

This monthly podcast will look at how the role of the corporate secretary and the board has evolved over time, as well as how the governance landscape continues to change. From ESG to entity management, shareholder engagement to technology, we’ll hear from award-winning governance professionals and leading advisers about the latest public company governance matters.

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Jeff Cossette

A graduate of Carleton University's School of Journalism, Jeff Cossette is a freelance writer who lives in Prince Edward Island with Susie