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Dec 16, 2021

ESG Shareholder Engagement report – available now

The ESG Shareholder Engagement report from Corporate Secretary and IR Magazine presents data from a survey conducted among investors, in-house governance professionals – such as general counsel and corporate secretaries – and investor relations (IR) professionals. They share insights on stewardship and ESG reporting, the ESG issues on their agendas, how they perceive the knowledgeability of others and the involvement of boards and other functions in engagement, among other things. The online survey was conducted between July and September 2021.


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Key findings

  • Eighty-one percent of investor respondents say the investment stewardship team at their firm has increased in size over the last five years.
  • Overall, 84 percent of investor respondents say that over the last three years ESG risks or opportunities have been given more focus at their firm when making investment decisions.
  • Governance respondents say the IR officer/IR team is most frequently involved in ESG engagement with investors, followed by their governance team, ESG/sustainability teams, the CEO/CFO, board members and HR.
  • Overall, 59 percent of governance respondents agree or strongly agree that their company’s board members have a high level of involvement with overseeing ESG.
  • Almost half (47 percent) of IR respondents agree or strongly agree that the vast majority of their company is aware of ESG issues and how they fit into its long-term strategy.
  • IR respondents say their colleagues on governance teams are most knowledgeable on ESG issues when it comes to board composition and effectiveness, executive remuneration and corporate culture.


Click here to download the report >>