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Dec 04, 2023

Alex Tselentis of Finex on AI practices within an ESG strategy

Alex Tselentis, partner at Finex, was one of the panelists at the latest ESG Integration Forum – Autumn, hosted by Governance Intelligence and IR Magazine.

His session looked at ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance an ESG strategy and performance and discussed how to better adopt AI-powered solutions in IR programs, such as data analysis, reporting, engagement and communication.

After the session, Tselentis sat down with Governance Intelligence to answer some of the burning audience questions and to debrief on the way AI is transforming the investor relations landscape.

When asked how AI will help enhance specific aspects of companies’ ESG strategies, he said it will help make the data in the reporting ‘far more accurate’.

‘For me, there’s always the governance issue and the ethics of the AI,’ he explained. ‘If you have massive reputational risk to your company, it will lower your ESG score and also lower your share price. That’s why people have to also see it in a far more holistic manner: ultimately, people tend to forget with ESG that it’s an ongoing thing.’

Discussing how Finex uses AI, Tselentis said he prefers the term ‘machine learning’ to better reflect the technology. ‘We use it to monitor companies and their web scrapers that will pick up keywords we have given it,’ he explained. ‘Machine learning will then collect the information and supply information so we can understand how risk is evolving within companies.’

To find out more about the ESG Integration Forum – Autumn, please click here.