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Corporate Governance Awards Hall of Fame

Past winners of our coveted Corporate Governance Awards are invited to be inducted into the Corporate Governance Awards Hall of Fame. This is an exclusive alum organization reserved only for individual winners of our awards including the categories – Best Governance Professional across all cap sizes and Lifetime Achievement award winners. 

We wanted to provide a platform that offers ongoing recognition for this monumental achievement and an opportunity for our award winners to help shape the future of excellence in the governance community. 

Hall of Fame honorees include

Jen briggs DOUG Joan

Jen Brewer
Awarded: 2023

Aaron Briggs
Awarded: 2016

Douglas Chia
Awarded: 2013

Joan Conley
Awarded: 2008 & 2020

Nicole Foran chris Holly

Nicole Dragoo
Awarded: 2017

Margaret Foran
Awarded: 2012 & 2015

Chris Gaskill
Awarded: 2022

Holly Gregory
Awarded: 2021

COURT Aya Robyn Hope
Courtney Kamlet
Awarded: 2018
Aya Kiy-Morrocco
Awarded: 2022
Robyn Koyner
Awarded: 2023

Hope Mehlman
Awarded: 2019

Nell Cynthia John carol

Nell Minow
Awarded: 2012

Cynthia Nastanski
Awarded: 2015
John Seethoff
Awarded: 2017
Carol Ward
Awarded: 2010

Tiffany Wooley
Awarded: 2017


View all biographies here.