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Director education and training: Ensuring the board has what it needs

Sponsored by Diligent Institute

Diligent Institute


Corporate Secretary’s ‘Director education and training: Ensuring the board has what it needs’ provides findings from a survey that offers useful insight into, among other things, who on the board oversees director education and training and who outside of the board provides those services, which topics boards are receiving specific information or training on, how frequently governance teams check whether their board has what it needs and how they rate their board’s ability to oversee the key issues facing the company. The findings in this report are based on an online survey conducted between August and September 2022.

By downloading this report, you will learn:

  • Who is responsible for providing board education and training
  • What topics boards are being given information and training on
  • Which director training formats companies use
  • How governance professionals rate the success of director education and training.


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