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Apr 04, 2023

How HPE’s governance team makes maximum use of tech

Why the company won the best use of technology prize at Corporate Secretary’s Corporate Governance Awards

Technology is in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) DNA, so it is only right that the company’s governance team makes the most of new tools to help it operate smoothly, effectively and innovatively.

An important example is the adoption of virtual reality (VR) in recent years. Kyle Frankeny, senior counsel for corporate, securities and M&A, explains that VR breaks down barriers and means it doesn’t matter where team members are located when working together. He adds that it's easier to focus in a virtual meeting, without distractions such as email.

‘Certain team members may even feel more comfortable speaking with a colleague using their avatar than on a video call, and… VR gives them that option now,’ the company writes.

Kyle Frankeny

So far, for example, the team has used VR for deal rooms, enabling the M&A legal team to work together without having to book a physical conference room and meet up for negotiations, document drafting and other project management. The team has found that VR is a more interactive and engaging platform for delivering training. The corporate, securities and M&A legal team has also used VR to hold ‘design thinking workshops’ to seek better ways to use the technology.

VR was rolled out for HPE employees to use as a means to participate in the company’s 2022 AGM. The team also developed a microsite to enhance shareholder access to and awareness of the meeting.

This is an excerpt of an article featuring in a special report celebrating the winners of Corporate Secretary’s 15th annual Corporate Governance Awards. You can access the full article and insights on all the other honorees here.